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Title Logistics, Inc. is a full service third party logistics provider offering truckload and less than truckload transportation, Intermodal transportation, warehouse management, and freight optimization and logistics services. Our passion for the logistics business is centered around creating value and 100% satisfaction for our customers. We understand and have solutions to assist our customers in adapting to the speed, volatility, and flexibility required in today’s competitive marketplace.  Title Logistics is committed to earning each customers trust by being creative, reliable, accountable, collaborative and transparent while we deliver added value results to your supply chain.


At Title Logistics, our name means something:

T  Talent

Our team is built around skilled and capable people who work together to drive benefit to our partners.

I  Integrity

We value the trust our partners have in our business and will prioritize honesty every day.

T  Trust

Our company is built on trust—for our internal relationships and our external partners.

L  Leadership

We believe that our experience and expertise provide ability to provide quality and efficiency that our partners require.

E  Excellence

We know that quality and service must drive our business forward—each and every day.

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